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About us

Do you take the straight road or circle an unknown path ?
When do you stay grounded and when do you soar ?
Who makes the rules and who plays the game ?
Do you wait to find out ?
Or do you sing your own song, dance to your own beat, as you spread your wings …


The Wingbeats are an Indo-Polish musical duo comprising of Sreyashi Mukherjee and Mateusz Kowara who crossed paths in 2017. With their combined music interests varying across a wide range of genres, The Wingbeats are constantly experimenting with new ideas and sounds, with an underlying ambient feeling to them. 

In 2019, they released their first album titled "Ellipsis" with an eclectic offering of songs.

After a pandemic-hit year they have now have a 2021 EP release titled "Serendipity", a further exploration into music without any labels and boundaries.

Above all, The Wingbeats look forward to evolve continuously with music and share this evolving journey with you.


The Wingbeats-Ellipsis.jpg


Serendipity-Cover Art-Square.png


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